Sport Want to master the feeling of being ‘in the zone’? Become a golfer.

Want to master the feeling of being ‘in the zone’? Become a golfer.

Research led by University of Canberra sports psychologist Dr Richard Keegan has found that golfers are the true masters of ‘the zone’.

Most people, including athletes, become aware of being in the zone only after they’re no longer in it. Dr Keegan’s study found that golfers are not only aware of ‘the zone’ but can control the experience as they play.

Dr Keegan thinks that the way golf is played, namely, at the players own pace, with plenty of stopping and starting, which allows golfers to reflect on their play. Other sports happen in the moment and require split-second decisions.

Golfers interviewed for the study reported being able to visualise their shots with near precision, ignore distractions and play more confidently, among other side effects. They were also able to spot when other players were in ‘the zone’.

The study could have interesting implications on the future of coaching and caddying golf.

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