Lifestyle When Aussie teens think of sport, gambling is not far behind

When Aussie teens think of sport, gambling is not far behind

In one year alone, Australians wagered more than $200 billion on sports betting – the most of any nation in the world.

But’s it not just adults who are facing stacked odds when it comes to taking a punt on their favourite sport.

Researchers from CQUniversity have shown Australian teenagers increasingly associate sport with gambling as a consequence of advertising.

Lead researcher Dr En Li says youth attitudes to gambling and their advertising knowledge can help predict their future vulnerability to betting.

“Whilst further research is needed… the present study is consistent with previous findings on other addictive products such as tobacco and alcohol,” Li says.  

“The growing body of evidence regarding the impacts of gambling marketing in sport, suggests that industry self-regulation and guidelines such as those implemented in Australia are insufficient to protect youth from future gambling harm.

The study showed teenagers aged 14 to 17 formed an automatic, or implicit, association between sport and gambling.

This implicit association became stronger when they saw gambling logos relevant to sport or sport names relevant to gambling. 

“In addition, this implicit association was positively related to the amount of sport viewing, but only among those participants who had more favourable gambling attitudes,” Li says.

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