Health When locked and loaded leaves you tanked

When locked and loaded leaves you tanked

Drinking heavily before you go out, or pre-loading, can be just as harmful as binge drinking.

Researchers from The University of Newcastle have analysed data from a longitudinal study into the drinking habits of women in their early twenties.

Sixty-six per cent said they pre-loaded with alcohol and 83 per cent reported binge drinking.

More than half of the group said they experienced vomiting, memory loss or injury as a result of drinking.

The more they pre-loaded or binged, the more likely they were to suffer these problems.

The study also found that those who pre-loaded in addition to bingeing increased their risk of illness and accidents.

Researchers say the findings suggest that pre-loading should be considered risky behaviour in its own right.

The current national drinking guidelines acknowledge the dangers of binge drinking, but don’t consider pre-loading as an additional risky thing to do.

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