Environment Window of opportunity

Window of opportunity

Researchers at The University of Sydney are seeing through a glass darkly, and the results could help Australians reduce their energy use.

They’ve created a plasma coating for windows that adjusts automatically to changes in weather, allowing more light through on cold days and less on hot.

The technology could dramatically reduce the energy needed to keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer, cutting costs and shrinking our carbon footprint.

Researcher Dr Behnam Akhavan says the coating is thinner, cheaper and simpler than other methods currently used to make windows more efficient, including double glazing.

“To minimise the impact of climate change, we must invest in sustainable development by applying premium building materials which can insulate against the weather, whilst reducing our dependence on electricity.” Dr Akhavan says.

The coating process results in almost zero waste and can be applied to just about any transparent surface, including commercial glass and plastics.

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