Health Work it, mama! Exercise doesn’t need a pregnant pause.

Work it, mama! Exercise doesn’t need a pregnant pause.

Being heavily pregnant is probably the best excuse going for sitting on the couch with a double serve of ice-cream, but if you want to get in some gym action before the contractions a new study has given the all clear to tough workouts in the third trimester of pregnancy.

The breakthrough research by Australian Catholic University (ACU) scientists says even CrossFit, boot camps and running pose no danger to expectant mums and their bubs.

The study overturns decades-long theories that rigorous exercise in late pregnancy could lead to low birthweight or premature babies.

Lead researcher Kassia Beetham said there was a stigma against “fitspo” mums and a lot of conflicting advice. Now, after comparing the results of all relevant research, the ACU team is ready to deliver:

“The news is good for active women – appropriate vigorous physical activity into the third trimester is perfectly safe for mums and babies,” Dr Beetham says.

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