Health Your genes might be making you look fat

Your genes might be making you look fat

When it comes to weight loss the genetic dice could be loaded against you.

Researchers from Murdoch University  have found that different people who eat exactly the same thing respond in very individual ways.

As part of the research, a group of healthy people were given four different diets, ranging from fresh to fast food, over four days.

Their urine was routinely collected and chemically tested for calories.

You’d expect the results to be the same, right?


Although they consumed the same amount of fats, some people excreted a lot more calories than others.

“Some individuals were more responsive to diet than others, regardless of whether the diet was healthy or not,” said Murdoch University’s Professor Jeremy Nicholson.

Researchers say the findings suggest we all have a unique response to diet.

“Understanding the relationship between our metabolic response to diet is key to the prevention of chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes,” Professor Nicholson said.

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