Health A race against time to develop COVID-19 triage tool

A race against time to develop COVID-19 triage tool

Critical case or safe to send home? A new blood test could soon tell doctors how a patient’s body is responding to COVID-19.

Researchers from The University of Sydney are working around the clock to develop a bio-marker to triage COVID-19 cases.

Unlike current tests, which can only determine the presence of COVID-19, this blood test would also show the level of immune response.

Associate Professor Benjamin Tang a simple drop of blood could show if a patient’s immune system was on the verge of failure.

“It’s not enough just to know that they are infected, we need to know which patient you can send home… and which patient you need to refer to ICU,” he said.

With many healthcare systems at capacity globally, the biomarker is being fast-tracked to help doctors make informed decisions.

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