Health Anxiety and insecurity linked to headaches

Anxiety and insecurity linked to headaches

Stress has long been linked to headaches but a study from Murdoch University has shone light on the emotional mechanisms associated with them.

Murdoch University psychology student Juanita KM Berry investigated the idea that people with low levels of emotional security may be more likely to suffer from headaches. The study involved establishing the emotional attachment styles of nearly 100 adults, categorizing these styles as ‘secure’ or ‘insecure’. Ms Berry found that those with insecure styles were more likely to suffer from headaches and report a more intense headache than the secure styles.

Another interesting outcome of the study was the finding that those with a more insecure attachment style tended to turn to the experimenter for reassurance. These findings may have an effect on how GPs, partners and primary carers of people with anxious insecure attachment will provide support and care.

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