Health Australia leads the world in testing times

Australia leads the world in testing times

Widespread testing is the best approach to limit deaths from COVID-19, a study of more than 40 countries has found.

Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan have had the lowest cumulative death rates – and the highest rates of testing.

The Macquarie University research suggests other countries follow this lead and provide testing to anyone who wants it, regardless of their vulnerability.

“These countries made sure that everybody who needed a test could easily get one, and they put in place, or already had, a robust system for managing the infection,” Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite said.

The study examined each country’s preparedness for a pandemic and the measures taken once COVID-19 spread.

While countries such as the United States were well prepared for a pandemic, delays in adopting public health measures saw it quickly become one of the worst-affected nations.

Australian universities are also leading the way on a global scale. Show your support by signing the petition to #KeepItClever now.