Environment Bling it on! Diamonds made in minutes

Bling it on! Diamonds made in minutes

Precious gems are naturally formed underground at super-hot temperatures over billions of years.

But a global team of researchers have defied nature to make diamonds in minutes at room temperature.

RMIT University Professor Dougal McCulloch and The Australian National University’s Professor Jodie Bradby with colleagues at The University of Sydney, have manufactured two kinds of diamonds: the type found on engagement rings and an even tougher type called Lonsdaleite.

The trick to making insta-bling is huge amounts of pressure – about the equivalent of 640 African elephants on the tip of a ballet shoe.

Lonsdaleite, which is estimated to be about 58 per cent harder than conventional diamonds, is particularly prized on mining sites where it is used to cut through ultra-solid material.

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