Sport Build a habit to build your muscles

Build a habit to build your muscles

When it comes to work-outs, it isn’t what you do, it’s how often you do it that gets results. At least if you have a set of XX chromosomes.

A world-first study focusing on women’s exercise has found that strength is built through regular workouts, not specific exercises.

Researchers from UNSW Sydney found it’s not just reps that will deliver strong biceps – consistency is key.

Dr Mandy Hagstrom’s team said the study proved resistance training helped women, but building a habit came before muscle building.

“Go to the gym and go consistently. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you do when you’re in the gym, just that you’re there and exercise with effort,” Dr Hagstrom said.

While the majority of research into resistance training has looked at the effects on men, this study was the first to specifically analyse the effect of resistance training for females.

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