Technology Calling out anti-social media

Calling out anti-social media

How do you spot a fake on Facebook? Scroll down to find out …

Researchers at Victoria University and La Trobe University have developed an online course to help young people understand how social media distorts reality.

Entitled Real2Real, the course teaches students to identify filters that alter body shape and facial characteristics.

It also shows how social media influencers are motivated to construct their image based on endorsements or money.

Lead researcher Dr Sian McLean says the program is designed to help counteract negative effects social media can have on young people’s self-esteem.

The ultimate aim is to help them identify values other than physical appearance – humour for example – in order to create a more authentic focus in their social media interactions.

“Many young people who compare their bodies or lifestyles to others on social media know they are viewing inauthentic images, yet the more they scroll, the worse they feel,” Dr McLean says.

“Reel2Real is designed to show participants that authentic representations are best.”

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