Health Cinnamon helps us to keep our cool

Cinnamon helps us to keep our cool

Adding cinnamon to your diet can cool your body by up to two degrees and may contribute to a general improvement in your health, new RMIT research suggests.

Project leader Distinguished Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh, from RMIT’s School of Engineering, said the results of the study seemed to show that cinnamon in the diet of pigs decreased the production of carbon dioxide gas in their stomachs.

“This not only cools the pigs, but leads to a significant improvement in their overall health,” he said.

Fellow researcher Dr Jian Zhen Ou said: “No wonder cinnamon is so popular in warm regions as taking it makes people feel better and gives them a feeling of cooling down.”

The research is part of a bigger study at RMIT into gut health.

Gut gases are the by-product of digestion and can provide valuable insights into the functioning and health of the gut.


You can read more about the RMIT study here. [Story credit: RMIT newsroom]

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