Technology Coronavirus lockdown = internet slowdown

Coronavirus lockdown = internet slowdown

Is Zoom a little less zippy? Netflix not quite the same? Extra demand has put Australia’s online infrastructure under pressure.

New restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus are clogging up bandwidth all over the world.

Researchers at Monash University have created a Global Internet Pressure map measuring the strain COVID-19 is putting on internet infrastructure.

While Malaysia, Italy, Iran, Spain and Sweden are worse off, Australia’s internet is only just holding up.

Associate Professor Paul Raschky and his team compared data demand in the middle of February to the middle of March, when lockdowns began to bite.

“The signs for now in Australia are ‘steady’, but not entirely reassuring,” Dr Raschky said.

ACT, South Australia and Victoria were carrying the biggest burden despite schools remain largely open and many workers continue to go into work.

The team plans to track global internet pressure throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

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