Health Diabetes danger as COVID-19 hits hard

Diabetes danger as COVID-19 hits hard

If COVID-19 wasn’t scary enough, new research has found it might trigger diabetes in otherwise healthy people.

Damage to cells in the pancreas caused by COVID-19 could cause the onset of diabetes, according to a new global study co-authored by Monash University’s Professor Paul Zimmet.

The research also revealed a staggering correlation between Type 2 diabetes and COVID-19 fatalities, indicating people with the disease were more than 50 per cent likely to die from the virus.

In Australia, one third of the 46 people who had died from COVID-19 by April 12 had diabetes, while 20 per cent of the 752 people hospitalised with the virus had diabetes.

In other parts of the world, up to 50 per cent of all diagnosed COVID-19 patients were also diabetic.

Given the alarming association between diabetes and coronavirus, Professor Zimmet has recommended anyone who becomes ill with COVID-19 should also be tested for diabetes.

“They should be tested at the time they become ill as it clearly will influence their medical management and health outcome,” he said.

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