Health Don’t get up

Don’t get up

It’s not often that sedentary life earns a tick of approval from science.

But researchers from Deakin University have granted a rare win to couch potatoes everywhere.

Sitting down all day may increase your risk of an early death but the good news is, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t seem all that bad for your back.

A mega-study conducted by Deakin University, sifting through three decades of data collected from more than a million subjects has provided the clearest picture yet of the relationship between different occupations and back pain.

Associate Professor Daniel Belavy says the results don’t show any association between jobs that involve prolonged sitting and lower back pain.

“Despite a growing body of evidence linking sitting to other negative health effects, when it comes to back pain sitting does not appear to be a risk factor,” Belavy says.

“So while you may get muscle tightness when you sit for a long time, sitting itself doesn’t actually damage the spinal structures directly.”

The results aren’t so good for jobs involving heavy physical work which were clearly linked to the incidence of back pain, a condition responsible for more lost productivity than any other in patients under the age of 50.

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