Health Hotel quarantine not a holiday

Hotel quarantine not a holiday

People with pre-existing mental health conditions aren’t doing so well in hotel isolation, a study has found after examining the impacts of COVID-19 quarantine measures.

Researchers from The University of Western Australia surveyed approximately 2,500 Australians who were undergoing quarantine or social distancing between April and June 2020.

They found every single hotel quarantine respondent with a pre-existing mental health condition reported negative or very negative life impacts, compared to less than half of people with similar conditions isolating at home.

The study also found that of those people surveyed who were social distancing, young people and the unemployed reported the most negative impacts of COVID–19 on their lives.

If you, or someone you know needs support, contact:

  • Lifeline 13 11 14 or
  • Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 or
  • Head to Health mental health portal at

Almost half of survey respondents indicated there were benefits to COVID-19 measures, including spending more time at home, more time on their own and using new technologies to connect with others.

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