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How to cope with COVID-19 put to rest

People feeling stressed and unhappy during the global pandemic should take a break, according to a new survey.

An University of the Sunshine Coast online survey of more than 600 Australians from all states except Victoria has found that those who have vacationed during the pandemic reported having significantly higher levels of wellbeing.

School of Business lecturer Dr Shahab Pourfakhimi said the research shows how COVID-19 is affecting people’s travel intentions.

Fear of COVID-19 infection and spread was found to be a significant barrier for travel during the pandemic, while respondents said they expected to feel more confident travelling domestically than internationally after restrictions are eased.

“With global travel off-limits and restrictions on travelling interstate, there has been a surge in people booking holidays within their own state,” Dr Pourfakhimi said.

As well as surveying people’s willingness to holiday during this time, interviewees were asked to rate their levels of happiness, satisfaction with life and sense of wellbeing.

“Those who travelled generally reported being happier, more content and having a greater sense of wellbeing compared to non-travellers,” Dr Pourfakhimi said.

“They also reported having higher levels of resilience, coping skills and optimism about their future.”

The survey found those who have already holidayed during this pandemic were significantly more likely to holiday again under similar COVID-safe conditions.

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