Lifestyle Mobile phones – a smart way to parent

Mobile phones – a smart way to parent

Parents using smartphones are often portrayed as neglectful but new research has found the opposite could be true.

A team of researchers from Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and Griffith University has found that low levels of smartphone use is actually associated with better parenting.

“For parents, the smartphone is an essential link to the outside world for support, knowledge or to connect with others in similar situations,” said Edith Cowan University’s Dr Lynette Vernon.

“Parental smartphone use has been demonised as a risk to families, by various sectors of the community and media,” said lead researcher Dr Kathryn Modecki from Griffith University.

“But across diverse family environments, smartphones play multiple roles in family life, including provision of social support and information, and allowing for work and digital errands. If phones are not heavily impacting on family time, smartphones tend to be tied to positive (and not negative) parenting,” she said.

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