Health New biopsy treatments reveal tumours’ hidden secrets

New biopsy treatments reveal tumours’ hidden secrets

A new technique that tests cancer drugs by treating fresh tumour biopsies has been developed at The University of Queensland.

Its inventor, Dr Fiona Simpson, said up until now, researchers have only looked at how the drugs interact with tissue culture, not fresh tumours.

“I thought it was pretty obvious that we should test cancer drugs on actual tumours, but people kept telling my research team that it wouldn’t work!”

“Applying medications to tissue culture doesn’t always work because the immune system responds differently in a body,” she said.

Dr Simpson said the technique could be used to discover lots of new and valuable information about the tumours and how they respond to medication.

“It could be used to show how long antibodies stayed active in patients, or when antibodies were taken into the tumour where they’re destroyed,” she said.

“The technique will significantly help pharmaceutical and technology companies design future cancer drugs.”

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