Business New initiative fosters global conservation

New initiative fosters global conservation

The University of Queensland are doing their part to foster global conservation, launching a project that aims to increase the quality of protected areas around the world.

Research lead, Professor Marc Hockings, plans to reach the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Green List quality standards to in 50 countries. The Green List is, “an initiative that encourages, measures, celebrates and shares the success of protected areas in reaching good standards of management,” he said.

Benefits of protected areas include helping to stop biodiversity loss, alleviate and adapt to climate change, reduce the risk and impact of disasters, improve food and water security, and promote human health and dignity. However, there is still a shortfall in political commitment to enhance these areas.

At the moment, Australia’s green-listed sites are Montague Island Nature Reserve off the New South Wales Coast, which is a critical seabird breeding site, and Arakwal National Park/The Cape Byron State Conservation Area in Byron Bay, managed together with the Aboriginal Arakwal traditional owners.

Professor Hockings worked with IUCN and partners in eight countries to develop the concept, which is now being rolled out on a larger scale with financial support from the German government (2.3 million euros).

He said he was thrilled to see the concept and the evaluation guidelines be adopted by more countries.

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