Health Physios stretch to help patients give cigarettes the flick

Physios stretch to help patients give cigarettes the flick

Physiotherapists can do more to help their patients quit smoking, with a new model making it easier to assist.

New research from the Australian Catholic University has discovered that physios find talking to patients about smoking to be a difficult exercise.

But with patients expecting help as part of their broader healthcare, a simple new model will help physiotherapists who feel under-equipped to talk about butting out for good.

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapist Nia Luxton says the Ask, Advise, Help (AAH) model is a good fit for physiotherapists.

The AAH model allows physios to screen patients (Ask), provide information on how to quit (Advise), and then help them to seek professional help (Help).

“Physiotherapists routinely promote physical activity and prescribe exercise, provide advice on how to improve general health and educate patients on how to reduce their risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic pain,” Dr Luxton said.

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