Health Smile – our teeth could hold the key to treating strokes

Smile – our teeth could hold the key to treating strokes

Adelaide University’s Centre for Stem Cell Research have been conducting studies on stem cells from teeth and have found that they can form complex networks similar to those seen in brain and nerve cells.

Kylie Ellis, Commercial Development Manager at Adelaide Research and Innovation, Adelaide Uni’s commercial arm, said that one day, “this could potentially assist with treatments to brain disorders, such as stroke.”

Treatment options such as drug treatment are extremely time sensitive, whereas treatments created from the patients own stem cells could be tailored to their particular brain, and administered long after the initial brain injury happens

Working with Dr. Ellis are Professors Simon Koblar, David O’Carroll and Stan Gronthos, who have been working to recreate conditions close to that of the brain in an attempt to encourage the teeth stem cells into becoming brain cells.

With more funding, further study and tests can be carried out on more new and innovative treatments for other types of brain injuries.


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