Education Story time dividend is no fairytale

Story time dividend is no fairytale

Reading to infants is one of the great joys of parenthood but new research from Charles Sturt University shows it also boosts children’s academic results later.

Regular reading aloud to infants aged between one and two correlates with stronger literacy and numeracy results in NAPLAN testing at ages 8 to11, according to the study.

Although the advantages of reading to older children are widely recognised, researcher Michelle Brown’s results provide evidence that benefits can begin at a younger age.

Dr Brown says poor literacy and numeracy can undermine quality of life, employment prospects and mental health in adult life.

“Given these positive findings, parents should be informed about the long-term academic benefits from parent-child book reading during infancy and provided with support to engage in high levels of parent-child book-reading daily to promote later literacy, language, and numeracy success,” she says.

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