Environment Sunshine harvesting could soon replace fossil fuels

Sunshine harvesting could soon replace fossil fuels

Researchers at Monash University are one step closer to developing an Artificial Photosynthesis process that may eventually replace the use of fossil fuels.

Artificial Photosynthesis involves preparing fuels and chemicals using only carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. In the recent study, researchers discovered a new way of converting carbon dioxide to methanol, the fuel that can be used to generate electricity and run cars.

Professor Douglas MacFarlane from Monash University says research is being conducted internationally to mimic photosynthesis and use these processes to create a more sustainable world.

“If an artificial photosynthesis process can be developed that is significantly more efficient than plant-based photosynthesis, then it is conceivable that much of our fuel needs could be supplied from ‘solar fuel’ factories that would develop wherever sunshine and water are plentiful,” he said.

[img source] The Conversation bit.ly/1x5xWLZ