Lifestyle A Sydney Uni researcher hopes to strike gold with soccer study

A Sydney Uni researcher hopes to strike gold with soccer study

Sydney University honours student Denny Noor has completed a study suggesting it may be possible for soccer coaches to teach Australia’s future players the perfect way to strike the ball.

Noor began his study with an investigation into the science of elite soccer kicking technique. Using 3D motion analysis of leading players, he was able to break down the kicking process from beginning to end. He examined how changes in the movement and direction of the body during the approach influenced everything from the type of kick produced, to its speed, accuracy, spin and flight.

The results of the innovative study could provide a fantastic set of tools for coaches instructing Australia’s future generation of soccer players. The study itself also underlines the wide-ranging benefits of investing in university education across a number of fields and demonstrates the importance of supporting original thinking.

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