Lifestyle Temperatures are rising in share houses due to COVID-19

Temperatures are rising in share houses due to COVID-19

A new study shows Victorians sharing a house are hitting the economic wall and suffering more than any other type of household.

Researchers at The University of Melbourne surveyed more than 1000 people living in share houses in Victoria in June this year.

Most respondents – 80 per cent – were in Greater Melbourne, with the remaining fifth living in regional Victoria.

The results showed that almost three-quarters of share house occupants have lost their jobs, with a fifth having to skip meals due to a lack of money.

It’s little wonder that half of the survey respondents reported declining mental health as a result.

Lead researcher and affordable housing expert Dr Kate Raynor said people sharing a house are particularly vulnerable.

More than 80 per cent are under 35, half are in insecure work, and one in five is from overseas.

And Dr Raynor said they get very little housing support.

“The vulnerabilities of this demographic are under-recognised,” she said.

Dr Raynor added that coronavirus is impacting everyone but those who are young, casually employed and/or temporary visa holders are likely to be suffering the most during the pandemic.

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