Health There’s gut-health gains when you eat grains

There’s gut-health gains when you eat grains

There’s a lot to gain from the humble grain when it comes to tummy health and chronic disease.

Researchers from Bond University have found whole grain wheat and rye – along with garlic, onion and legumes – could improve gut health and lower the risk of chronic disease like diabetes.

The researchers studied how different types of dietary fibre manipulated gut health and consequently the risk of serious disease.

Bond University’s Daniel So said the findings showed some dietary fibres had a significantly greater impact on the gut microbiome — the trillions of microorganisms living inside your intestines.

“Issues with gut health and gut bacteria in particular, are becoming increasingly recognised as factors of chronic diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity or diabetes,” says So.

“The results, which discovered different types of dietary fibre play a major role in the microbiome, will help us to minimise the risk of developing these conditions.”

The study also showed that dietary fibre found in grains, garlic, onion and legumes stimulated positive bacteria ion the gut.

“Consuming these fibres leads to benefits including short chain fatty acid generation, which keeps the colon healthy and also helps to boost the immune system,” So says.

The study is a major boost in understanding the importance of fibre on overall gut health. The research was conducted with colleagues from the University of Queensland and King’s College London.

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