Technology World-first disease-detecting technology

World-first disease-detecting technology

Researchers from University of the Sunshine Coast have developed a world-first technology to enable diagnosis of multiple diseases from a single test kit.

The technology is powered by molecular interactions and does not require batteries or wires to operate. It allows a simple numeric display to appear on a device that works similarly to an at-home pregnancy test.

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Engineering Dr Joanne Macdonald, PhD student and developer of this technology, Jia (Jessie) Li says the technology has the potential for rapid diagnosis of mosquito-borne pathogens, such as Malaria, Dengue and Ross River virus.

“Our paper-based biosensor works just like a lateral flow dipstick pregnancy test, but it can be used generically and can detect up to seven biomarkers (such as viruses or diseases) at once,” Ms Li said.

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